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Hurricane Air Conditioning of SWFL has been repairing and replacing air conditioners in Fort Myers and the rest of SWFL for over 19 years. Raised in Fort Myers so to us our customers are family which is why we are a company you can trust. We do air conditioning repair, replacements and duct cleanings and other services at an affordable price. Our mission is to provide affordable air conditioning service even when no one’s looking. We provide timely service, reasonable prices, highly trained and personable HVAC technicians, while always looking out for you.

A/C Monitoring 24/7

24/7 remote monitoring of residential air conditioning systems to track A/C health. When unusual activity occurs, our monitoring device provides us with the information we need to proactively diagnose the issue and dispatch the right service to your property.

hvac installation

HVAC Installation

Rely on professional HVAC installers for your air conditioning, heating and ventilation system needs. HVAC installers work to keep homes, businesses, warehouses, and other facilities cool and comfortable.

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Indoor Air Quality

For an environment that’s free from poor air quality, maintain your heat and air equipment and ventilation systems. It’s possible that fresh air isn’t coming through from outside while contaminated air is getting inside. A well-maintained system is your best defense.

hvac preventative maintenance

Air Conditioning Repair

Do you want to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape, maximizing performance and energy usage? Check your air conditioner filters and change them every few months. Perform routine maintenance on the coils and fins. Clean, fix, or replace parts as needed.

Air Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Are you worried about dust in the air of your home or office? Have you recently remodeled, putting more dust and dirt in the air? Consider an HVAC system and duct cleaning in your location.

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Emergency Services

The heat of summer makes a home without air conditioning seem intolerable. If temperatures soar over 90 degrees and no air conditioner, it creates a dangerous emergency situation.


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