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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair – Serving Fort Myers and Naples Region

In the sunny state of Florida, life gets hard when your air conditioner stops working. No one wants to sweat buckets while they’re inside either trying to work or trying to relax; we’re the happiest when our air conditioners are up and running. This is why Hurricane Air Conditioning provides air conditioning repair for our customers.

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The good news is that many problems involving air conditioners can be solved by the homeowner. See the following checklist before giving us a call – you might be able to take care of the issue on your own, without having to wait. (Even though we offer speedy service, we want you cooled down as soon as possible!)

  • If your air conditioning unit won’t turn on, this could be due to:
    • An Overloaded Circuit Breaker

      – Check your home’s main panel (usually in the basement, garage, or closet), locate the breaker labeled ‘AC’ and make sure it’s turned to the ‘on’ position. If it’s tripped, the breaker will be set in the middle or all the way towards ‘off.’ Switch it back on. If it moves quickly back to ‘off’, this means you have an electrical problem. Call us at 239-932-6780.

    • Incorrect Thermostat Settings

      – Your thermostat is what sends signals to your AC for it to turn on. If it’s giving the wrong readings, or set to ‘heat’ instead of ‘cool,’ your AC probably won’t turn on. Put in new batteries and you should be getting cool air soon.

    • A Switch That is Off

      – If your AC unit has recently been repaired or replaced, the switch might be in the ‘off’ position. Check where it hangs in a metal box on your home, then switch it back on.

    • An Overfilled Condensate Drain Pan

      – There’s a pan that catches water at the bottom of your AC unit. If it gets too full, it will send a signal to your AC not to turn on. If your pan includes a drain, you can drain the water. If it involves an electrical pump, find the float switch and make sure it’s switched to the ‘up’ position.

  • If your AC is blowing warm air, it could be due to:
      • Obstructed Airflow

        – This is caused by either a blocked air filter or a dirty condenser. We recommend changing filters monthly and accordion filters every three months.

    • Low Refrigerant Levels

      – If your equipment is losing refrigerant, you’ll need to give us a call ASAP to repair the leak and replace the refrigerant.

  • If your AC isn’t blowing enough air, it could be due to:
    • An Insufficient Air Filter

      – Check yours and buy a new one if necessary.

    • Your Registers Not Being Fully Open Throughout Your Home

      – That’s an easy fix.

    • Problems With Your Ductwork

      – In this case, you’ll need to give professionals like Hurricane Air Conditioning a call.

If your issue doesn’t fall under any of the categories in this checklist or you feel that it’s beyond your skill set, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll come out to your residence and fulfill our duties when it comes to air conditioning repair.

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