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HVAC Installations

HVAC Installations in Fort Myers and Nearby Cities

Installing a new air conditioning system is arguably the most difficult part of the air conditioning process. This is why it’s beneficial to hire a professional to get the job done. Here at Hurricane Air Conditioning, we’re experts in HVAC installations and know what we’re doing when it comes to helping your home cool down.

We work on HVAC installations in the Fort Myers area and we’re a company that you can count on to honor the warranty of your air conditioning system. On average, a new system should last anywhere between 10-15 years.  This does depend on the quality of the system, if it’s properly taken care of over the years, and if it’s installed correctly. We’ve got the installation aspect covered.hvac installation

There are a few key details to look out for when shopping around for a new air conditioning system for your home:

  • Unit Size

    • You don’t want something that’s too large or too small for your home. A service technician can help you to find just the right size.
  • SEER Ratings

    • The SEER rating of an HVAC unit indicates its efficiency. The lowest rating for modern air conditioners is 13, and the highest is 21.
  • Added Features

    • There are many different features to choose from when it comes to modern air conditioning systems. Do your research to find out which ones best suit your home and lifestyle.

Licensed & Insured HVAC Contractors in Fort Myers, FL

Hurricane Air Conditioning will help you choose the best system for your home, then we’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to installation. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for a cool and comfortable living space.

No matter what brand or size you end up choosing, our professionals are trained in all different types, brands, and sizes. We also consistently follow local code and stay up-to-date on the latest safety standards for installation.

Call us for a free estimate today. We provide flat-rate pricing to let you know what you’ll be paying upfront, so you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees post- HVAC installations. You can trust us – Let Hurricane Air Conditioning take care of any and all of your HVAC contractor needs.

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