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Air conditioner cleaning can save you money and keep your AC in good condition.

Did you know your AC system loses efficiency over time? As it accumulates dirt and debris, the system becomes less effective at moving air and cooling your home. That means your AC unit will use far more energy to work properly, which costs you money. Because Floridians use their air conditioning regularly to beat the heat and humidity, AC units in Florida tend to get dirtier much faster than in other places.

If you’re a homeowner in Florida, the best way to keep your AC system running efficiently is to schedule an air conditioner cleaning.

What Does Air Conditioner Cleaning Involve?

Most AC systems consist of an outdoor condenser and an indoor evaporator. Both units can get dirty, so they should both be inspected during an AC cleaning service.

Our technicians will start at the condenser coil. They’ll open the unit and pick out leaves, sticks, and other debris that might have fallen into the unit. Then they’ll clean the condenser coil with a special cleaning solution and straighten out any aluminum fins that might have become crooked or bent using a special fin comb. After the fins are repaired, they will clean the fins to ensure there are no other blockages that are reducing efficiency. 

Once they’re finished outside, our technicians will go indoors and unclog the air handler filter. Then they’ll use professional tools to access and clean your home’s evaporator coil.

Why is AC Coil Cleaning Important?

Your AC coils will naturally collect dirt and debris, which clogs the units and makes less space for heat to be exchanged. Your AC unit will have to work harder to cool your home which results in a higher energy bill.

An AC cleaning will provide you with the following benefits:

— Your AC system will cool your home faster and more efficiently
— You’ll avoid costly AC breakdowns
— You’ll extend the lifespan of your AC system
— You’ll save money on your energy bill
— You’ll prevent the fan motor and other components from overworking

There’s tremendous upside for such a simple maintenance task.

When Should You Clean Your Central AC Coils?

The general recommendation is that you have your AC unit cleaned every 2 to 5 years. Remember that, as a Florida homeowner, your AC system is likely being used frequently and will need inspections more often than units used in cooler climates so the time in between cleanings may be better off every year to 3 years.

However, if you notice water leaking from your AC coils, this is a good indicator that you may need a cleaning immediately to prevent future mechanical failure.

When Should You Get Ductless Mini Split AC Coils Cleaned?

Mini split AC coils should be cleaned at least once per year, depending on how often you use the AC unit. Because ductless air conditioner units are smaller, they’ll get clogged much faster than a larger AC unit and will need more regular maintenance.

How Much Does AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning Cost?

On average, it costs between $400 and $1000 to clean your AC evaporator coils. The cost may vary depending on where your evaporator coil is located. If your evaporator coil is located in an easy-to-access location, it will take the technician less time to access and clean it, reducing overall cleaning costs.

Usually, an easily accessible evaporator coil will take between 2 to 4 hours to be cleaned. Call today to get an estimate for your AC cleaning costs. 

How Much Does an AC Condenser Coil Cleaning Cost?

On average, it costs between $200 and $600 to clean your AC condenser coil.

AC condenser unit cleaning is faster and less expensive than evaporator cleaning because the condenser coil is located outside the home and is easy for the technician to access.

How Much Does Mini Split Coil Cleaning Cost?

On average, it costs between $100 and $300 to clean your mini split coils. Reach out to Hurricane AC for recommendations and quotes. We can help you determine how often your ductless AC system needs cleaning and help you set up a budget-friendly maintenance schedule.

Contact Hurricane for Your AC Cleaning Needs

Hurricane AC is the go-to technician for AC cleaning in Florida. Whether you need a central air conditioner cleaning or a ductless mini split cleaning, you can count on Hurricane AC to bring your cooling system back up to speed with detailed servicing and brisk speed. We’re also available for air duct cleaning services in addition to AC maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Ac Service Process


Top 3 Services

AC Repair

If your air conditioner is having problems like producing cold air or not turning on at all, it most likely needs repairs. Hurricane’s HVAC experts can diagnose the problem and implement a solution.

AC Maintenance

Having on going maintenance can ensure you maximize the life of your HVAC unit. Hurricane uses a multistep checklist that ensures that all components are checked and tuned up.

AC Installation

HVAC systems are a big investment. Be sure you are getting your HVAC unit properly sized and installed to ensure that there are no problems in the futur.

Why Choose Hurricane Air Conditioning

Fully Licensed

Our team is fully licensed, screened, and qualified to ensure that we hire only the best HVAC experts to service your home.

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Each HVAC technician is provided extensive training and education to ensure they are qualified to work on all HVAC brands.

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Our reputation speaks for itself with hundreds of satisfied and happy customers who retain on-going services for the lifetime of their HVAC needs.


Can I clean my air conditioner myself?
You should enlist a licensed technician to do a thorough cleaning of your AC system. While you can wipe down the exterior of an AC condenser, it’s much more difficult to clean inside the condenser coil and even more difficult to access and clean the evaporator coil inside your home.

Improper cleaning could damage your AC system. Save yourself the time and risk and have the experts at Hurricane AC clean your AC system for you.
How much does it cost to have your air conditioner cleaned?
It typically costs between $100 and $600 to have your air conditioner cleaned. The cost may depend on the size of the AC unit, whether the coils are easily accessible for the cleaning technicians, and whether you’re cleaning a central air conditioning system or a smaller ductless AC system. Don’t hesitate to contact Hurricane AC for a quote.
What is the best way to clean my air conditioner?
The best way to clean your air conditioner is to have a licensed technician do it for you. It can be very difficult to access your AC coils, and the coils need to be cleaned with the proper techniques and equipment to avoid damaging the system as a whole.
How often does my AC need to be cleaned?
Your central air conditioning system should be cleaned every 2 to 5 years, but it depends on how often you’re using your AC. In Florida, where homeowners use their AC more frequently, AC units should be cleaned every 1 to 3 years. Smaller AC systems, like ductless mini splits, should be cleaned once or twice per year.

Hurricane AC can help you evaluate your AC usage and determine when your system should receive its next inspection and cleaning.

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