Whole House HVAC Air Purification Systems

Add a whole house air purifier to your home to destroy harmful contaminants in the air.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Even the best HVAC systems can intake bacteria, smoke, mold spores, microplastics, volatile organic components (VOCs), and other air contaminants. These contaminants can cause allergies, respiratory problems, or other serious health issues. But you can easily clean the air in your home by having AC technicians install a whole house air purifier.

What is a REME Whole House Air Purifier?

The REME whole house air purifier is an advanced purification system that destroys air contaminants in your home. Unlike plug-in air purifiers, the REME is installed inside your AC unit, making it far more effective at spreading the oxidizers that destroy airborne irritants. Because of its complexity, the REME whole house air purifier must be professionally installed by licensed AC technicians.

How Do Whole House Air Purifiers Work?

The REME HALO by RFG Environmental Group is designed to purify the surrounding air from odors, air pollutants, chemical odors, smoke, bacterial growth, and viruses. We recommend that the unit be attached into existing air conditioners and heating systems to tackle the root of the problem and provide the best results. Unlike other passive air purifiers, like HEPA air purifiers or activated carbon filters that require air to pass through a filter, the REME HALO is an active air purifier that kills off airborne contaminants anytime it is activated. When in operation, the REME whole house air purifier uses UV light and oxidizing catalysts to create Hydro-peroxide plasma that is dispersed throughout a home. These safe oxidizing agents help clean the air and neutralize any volatile airborne contaminants including viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Hurricane Air will help install REME HALO in your home whether it’s for air conditioning or heating systems. We make sure to determine the proper mounting location, correct unit size, electrical connection, and output adjustment.

Why is Indoor Air Purification Important?

The air inside your home can be polluted by:

— Dust particles
— Microplastics
— Mold
— Pet dander
— Bacteria
— Smoke
— Viruses
— Volatile organic components (VOCs)

The air quality inside your home can be far more polluted than the air outside. Since we spend so much time inside our homes, it’s important that we make sure the air that’s circulating is healthy for us and our families.

Over time, contaminants will accumulate in your home that aren’t caught by even the best HEPA filters. An HVAC air purifier can destroy these types of air contaminants, improve the breathability of your home, and help you steer clear of allergies and respiratory issues while you’re indoors.

Benefits of REME Whole House Purifier

The REME whole house air purifier sanitizes the air in your home by:

— Significant reduction in airborne particles
— Reducing your seasonal allergy symptoms
— Active oxidizing agents kill off 99% of sneeze germs before they can reach 3 feet
— Killing up to 99% of airborne bacteria, mold, and viruses
— Killing up to 99% of viruses on surfaces
— Quietly cleaning the air throughout your entire home—unlike plug-in air purifiers, which only lightly purify the air in a single room

Furthermore, the REME air purification system can easily integrate into your existing AC system. You don’t need to replace your entire AC system.

Contact Hurricane for Your Air Purification Needs

Our expert technicians at Hurricane AC can install the REME air purification system in your home, so contact us today if you’re ready to make a healthier home for you and your family. We’re ready to tackle all kinds of AC services in Southwest Florida, from AC cleaning to emergency repair.

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Are HVAC air purifiers worth it?
HVAC air purifiers are beneficial because they’re effective at removing contaminants that cause allergies or respiratory problems. Air purifiers can improve the breathability of a home and provide a healthier environment for families.
Can you add an air purifier to your HVAC system?
Some types of air purifiers, like the REME HALO, can be easily integrated with your existing HVAC system. You don’t need a state-of-the-art HVAC system to enjoy the benefits of an air purification system.
Will an air purifier help the whole house?
Plug-in air purifiers are not usually strong enough to clean the whole house—they can only sanitize the rooms in which they’re placed. On the other hand, HVAC air purifiers are much more effective at sanitizing the air throughout your home because it uses your HVAC system to reach all the different spaces in your home.
Does a whole house UV air purifier work?
UV air purifiers work by zapping bacteria with an electric charge. A UV air purifier can be effective, but only when installed by skilled AC technicians.

It’s important to remember that air cleaners won’t make a very big difference if your AC system is clogged by dirt and debris. Contact Hurricane AC and discover the best ways to ensure your home has the cleanest possible air. We offer AC cleaning and act sealing services for Florida homeowners.

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