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We always expect our air conditioning to work without issue to provide our families with a comfortable environment – until it doesn’t. Unexpected breakdowns can indicate the need for expensive repairs and possibly even a replacement which can be a bigger expense than most can afford when it is needed immediately. This can cause a lot of unnecessary stress while also putting a dent in savings that were supposed to be used for something else entirely. Hurricane Air Conditioning knows there’s never a good time for breakdowns especially when they happen suddenly, but it doesn’t need to cause alarm. We have partnered with Sunlight Financial to provide you with financing so you can rest easy knowing that we can immediately address your problem with little impact on your household budget.

Once an application is approved, you’ll receive affordable monthly payments and a reasonable interest rate that will allow you to make the repairs you need or replace the old or broken AC unit.

It makes a lot of sense to finance expensive purchases or repairs with attractive financing options through Sunlight Financial. The perks of financing through Hurricane’s financing partner include:

— A simple application process
— Convenient monthly payments
— Competitive interest rates
— Financing that makes your purchase easy

Hurricane customers often find that a new or repaired AC system lowers utility bills by up to 30 percent. This makes financing much more appealing in addition to ensuring that you can maintain comfortability in Florida’s hot and humid weather.
If you’re interested in a new air conditioning system, or an AC repair is needed, but you’re scared of the potential expense, don’t wait to contact us about financing options.

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